Within 14 days of receipt of your order you have the chance to return the goods for a refund. Returns outside these time frame must be discussed individually. Please send us an e-mail before you return a good. shop@barrenoire.de

The items need to be returned in the same condition and quantity to which they were recieved. The goods can not be used other than trying on for fit. If the products return used, you lose the right to return the goods.

Return address: Barre Noire, Walderseestr 27, 13407 Berlin  (Germany)

If you decide to return a product, the shipment is completely paid by the customer. You are also responsible for any item lost during shipping. The money will be transfered back to your account within 30 business days after we recieved the returned goods. Damaged products that are returned will not be accepted for refund.

All products are handmade. Every product is produced with care. We are caring about quality but please don't forget these products are not industrial.